HILARIOUS CHUBBY BUNNY CHALLENGE! ft. Dwayne | Sibling Rivalry [Video]

HILARIOUS CHUBBY BUNNY CHALLENGE! ft. Dwayne | Sibling Rivalry [Video]:
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Hey Guys!
Welcome to another episode of "Sibling Rivalry" with me (Red), my sister (Raven), and this time, with our cousin (Dwayne). He stayed with us for the past few days so we decided to do a video with him.
My sister and I argue often but that doesn't mean can't get along, we love doing different kinds of challenges together and against each other.
So if you have a sibling, and you fight a lot, settle the score by doing challenges like me and my sister!
I hope you look forward to more "Sibling Rivalry" videos because we love making them for you!
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